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Winston by Kristina Wolf Dreisbach

Louisville KY

Winston the Duck and His Big Orange Bill

by Kristina Wolf Dreisbach

2Dreisbach Cover WebWinston the duck is born on Cady Cove Lake to Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Duck. All the animals come to see the blessed event. But when Winston is born, he has a big orange bill that makes him different. Winston knows God made him different for a reason and is determined to find out why.

One night after the family goes to sleep, Winston heads out on a journey around Cady Cove Lake. He meets Mr. Turtle who laughs at him, but Winston just keeps walking. He meets Mr. Raccoon and together they search for the reason Winston has a big orange bill. The two get into trouble with an owl that wants to eat them for dinner!

When Mr. Raccoon is swooped up, Winston latches onto the raccoon's tail and prays to God for the strength to save his friend. God gives him the strength and he is able to pull Mr. Raccoon out of the owl's clutches. They land in the lake and Mr. Raccoon then realizes the reason Winston has a big orange bill. Wait until you hear why!

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