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AmeriSport Gymnastics Center

2041 Creative Drive
Lexington KY 49595

We hope that each child enjoys themselves and learns to accomplish goals. In addition, we hope the parents see and appreciate the effort their children are giving.

Gym And Equipment

We have just undergone a major renovation of the gym. We have...

Added an UpstairsViewing area for the Parents/Party Room
Office and Dressing Room
A New Above Ground Pit
Another Trampoline
More floor space
New carpeting

Gymnastics Facilities

We are constantly adding equipment and features to the gym in hopes of offering more fun to the kids we teach! Our facility is set up for any child, regardless of age or ability, to enjoy SAFE..FUN..and CHALLENGING GYMNASTICS.

Our gym is fully padded and carpeted with safety as our main concern. We have an abundance of gymnastics equipment for all ages and skill levels. We have in-ground trampolines for maximum safety and we have 2 large foam pit area that are the favorite play station for all our kids.