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Attitude of Gratitude

by Cheryl Rode · October 16, 2017

Gratitude, a term that most people use in their day to day referring to the ability to show thankfulness and appreciation.

How many times in a day do you ever express appreciation to what you are and have? This ability to appreciate oneself and others is powerful. Gratefulness to others and oneself has been known to not only increase happiness but also the well-being of individuals. This has often been seen to some extent setting individuals free from emotional burdens, increasing optimism, empathy and energy to move on.

A number of great scholars such as Ralph Waldo Emerson have often advocated for gratitude; what does gratitude actually do to us as far as positive psychology and mental toughness are concerned?

What is the role of this gratitude in our lives? Why gratitude? First, gratitude offers building blocks for creating new social relations or even repairing our already deteriorating ones. Human beings are social animals, we need to interact and interconnect- gratitude understands.

And then gratitude can be crucial when resolving conflicts, making amends, apologizing and problem-solving. This will also serve in cementing our better relationships for even the best. Then the most basic reasons for gratitude is simply being grateful for the inherently rewarding process. In so doing, individuals often get motivated to seize each day with hope.

This selfless act- gratitude works because first it has to be unconditional, and one does not expect anything back after saying that 'thank you.' To top it up, gratitude is catharsis (ability to release strong emotion.) An individual being able to appreciate what they have. All this lead one to an overall sense of well-being thus helping keep at bag negative self talk and making people be more aware. Relationships, optimism, happiness, self-control, an overall better life and a better mental and physical health are some of the factors impacted positively by gratitude.

The most amazing thing about gratitude, it is unequivocally free and it just takes a personal decision to practice and deliver gratitude in life. Gratitude does not require any special environment to be learned. Anywhere, be it school, home, at work and even prison start practicing some gratitude. You will not take long to realize fruition.

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